and the beat goes on. i hear the sound of the storm in my heart, as it rains all day.
every thought of you represents a tear.
a down pour hard as a monsoon. my room fills with darkness and there’s no light in sight.
i am wondering if you can see it. do you know it’s there, or do you even care.
i want to tell how you make me feel but there is no rhyme or reason. is my love an act of treason?
is there a justifiable meaning? does the scriptures say i’m going to hell for this betrayal?
i’m torn and ripped to shreads and the tears are not slowing down in my head.
dejected from your insensitivity to what is reality.

reality is that night falls and so have i.
the reality is that sun shines and flowers die, so will i.
reality is that the rain stops and the tears will dry.
i get up and take me somewhere else where my presence means the world to them.
i am more than a touch, a feel, a thought, a dream or gaze.
i am the gift that keeps on giving, are you grateful for it?
well show some reciprocity. this is not a game we play, no give and take, no winners or losers, no rules, no limits, just choices we make to disobey.
i am the beat that never stops.
you don’t have worry about this, i got it, you showed me, so now i know.
no more expecting or waiting, the beat goes on. in a cold and empty room the beat goes on.

i live without you and you just live, waiting and expecting me to show you. the beat is gone.
what’s the name of that song? you were singing it all day long.
i’ll play it for you but why should i do that. it doesn’t matter, this is the fact.
i’m spent, i’m exhausted from dancing, performing for an applause.
the show is over, the curtain closes, the music stops, and i pick up 18 of my red long stem roses.
no final encore, now i say good bye to the end of what never was, but always wanted to be.
the lights are off and the beat goes on, but my love i left on stage only for you to see.


Published by Love.Shan.Glam

Inspirer. Lover of beautiful people, places and things. Offering food for thought with a side of snark, and telling my truths.

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