Getting a Grip: How I Manage Me

Sometimes I find myself feeling a bit… down, and overwhelmed. I get stressed out by the things that are on my plate and my “to do” list that I haven’t started ‘doing’ yet. Then these feelings lead me to feel moody, distant and emotional. I don’t like feeling like this needless to say. When I find myself drenched with these emotions, I have to stop and put everything in perspective and pray. I have to rearrange my thinking and look at what I need to differently. I have to go back to what I know what works.

I have a planner that I don’t use to its fullest potential. It’s very cute and very organized. However, I stashed it away in my book/laptop bag and forgot it existed. This morning I pulled it out and put it in my purse so that when I begin to feel “crazy,” I can jot down my feelings to sort out the chaos in my brain. Also, I need to utilize it to write down all the things that I need to complete for the week. This task list will allow me to feel a sense of accomplishment as I cross of those tasks that I’ve completed.
Prayer is key for me. It keeps me balanced and in control. When I ask God for his wisdom and guidance, I know it is given to me. When I tell Him that I need Him to order my steps and that I cannot do this alone, I am assured my request is fulfilled. When I pray for peace, patience and understanding, it’s automatically done.
I have those days when I just want to cry, run away or just disappear. One of those days was yesterday as a matter of fact. Today, I’m better. I know now that my life is do-able, with the stresses of daily life included. With God by my side, I have it all under control!
Peace and Love,

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