"Old Music Monday"

I had to take a week off. Last week was a beast! I was so tired. I felt like I was trying to play catch up. So yeah, last Monday was not a day to blog. But nevertheless, I’m back on the scene, crispy and clean. Anyhoo, I’m excited that Sade’s cd will be released tomorrow YAY! Of course I will cop it….However, I have to do the “Old Music Monday.” The  OMM Spotlight goes to (drum roll)………….702! Remember them? Since I did 112 the last time, I figured I’d continue with the “numbered group” theme LOL.Yeah, I like that girl group but like many, they faded to black. The name came from their hometown’s zip code of Las Vegas. They came out in 1996 when a lot of groups were hot, but unfortunately, they had no staying power. The lead singer Kameela Williams left the group to go solo and they never really came back. They used to get down for real! “Steelo”, “Where My Girls At” and “Get it Together” were their hits. One of my fav songs was “Star” ft. The Clipse. The video was hot too. I love the whole roller skate/disco style of the video. Check it out…


7020band702 Images

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