Yesterday, Friday, was a beautiful day outside. So I had to take my picture before I go off and enjoy the rest of my day.
Great evening last night. I was hanging out with an old friend, we had a couple of drinks and ate some good Mexican food.
Today I have a hair appointment. At 10:00 am I supposed to go and get my hair colored. I’m excited because I have been black for so long….my hair that is. It’s Spring and it’s time for a lighter ‘do!

Las Vegas was so much fun. We (me my friend, brother and his friend) laughed so much during those four days! We had a good time just trippin’ out with each other. I gambled a little bit on the crap table, I shopped, and partied at Harrah’s. Friday night we went to go see Martin Lawrence at the Palms. It was great show. Martin is still a DAMN FOOL! Melanie Camacho opened up for him and she was HILARIOUS!!!! I loved her! So that was that….All in all Vegas was awesome. No tiger was in the bathroom, we didn’t find a baby in the closet or anything but it was a cool trip. It was what I needed!

So I’m back to the rat race, and I feel like I need another vacay already! I so hate my job, it’s not even funny. School is ugh….I don’t like this class (statistics), but we’ll see how it goes.

Lately I’ve been feeling like I don’t give a fuck about anything.
Trying to stay encouraged. It’s rough but God is on my side…..that’s the good part.

No more Old Music Monday….It became too much of a commitment, not to mention I was getting bored with it. However, I will still post an OMM every now and then but it may not be on a Monday, but rather a random day. Because I still love old school music, and I like to share my love for it!

Until next time….

Peace & Love,


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Inspirer. Lover of beautiful people, places and things. Offering food for thought with a side of snark, and telling my truths.

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