Tired and Angry!!

by Courtney Zubowski / 11 News


Posted on May 12, 2010 at 10:00 PM
Updated today at 10:32 PM

“…The 10-year veteran officer shot Tolan in the front yard of his home in the 800 block of Woodstock in Bellaire in December of 2008.

Cotton mistakenly thought Tolan had stolen a car.

 After four hours of deliberations the jury came back with a not guilty verdict late Tuesday afternoon.”

Quanell X: ‘If you shoot one more black man in Bellaire, your city will go up in flames’ 

Why? Why? Why?????? I was livid at the ‘not guilty’ verdict, yes….but burning a town, a small part of the city will not solve shit! They aka racist white police officers will continue to shoot innocent black men from racial profiling….That will not change mindsets. I understand the rage and anger of the protesters but it will not solve A THING! Yes I’m pissed, mad and so fed up with countless numbers of cases like this one. My question is what can I do to make a difference? We’re in 2010 and yet “they” have not overcome. What really heats me up is the fact that the residents support the jury’s ‘not guilty’ verdict!!! WTF????? I’m so out done….Robbie Tolan didn’t deserve this. A white guy would not have been shot. I would not be posting a blog about this if he was white….This really really angers me. Cotton can kiss my black ass!!!!!!


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