Short Sweet and to the POINT!

New style: Janet Jackson sporting a short haircut in London today where she dined at Italian restaurant Cecconi'sNew style: Janet Jackson sporting a short haircut in London today where she dined at Italian restaurant Cecconi'sDining out: Singer Janet Jackson and new boyfriend Wissam Al Mana leaving Nobu Berkeley

Okay, so what do we think of Janet’s new short crop???? HELLA Cute! Fierce! Beautiful! *Need I go on?*

Has this always been her hair? Is this what the weaves were covering up the whole time? Or did she do the BIG CHOP? 

Janet is 44 (I think) right? So I was wondering what took her so long? I know it’s not about age, it’s about where you are mentally and emotionally in life. Everyone has to come in their own time.
New man NEW ‘DO! Ain’t mad at cha at all Janet! It happens. When you are in a new chapter in your life, you tend to feel the need to change your appearance. Women, we make that change in our hair first! I can definitely attest to that….

Regardless–She looks great with her hair short. She could do NO WRONG in my book. If you don’t know by now, I am a HUGE HUGE JJ fan!

Sources say that Oprah has bought the right to the Lena Horne movie and production will start next year. Alicia Keys will play the role of the late great Lena Horne, but I think Janet Jackson has the natural elegant, classy poise that Lena had….just sayin’.  
Alicia Keys to play Lena Horne

According Alica Keys’s fan page:

Alicia Keys will play Lena Horne in a movie on the music legend and not Janet Jackson as was rumored earlier.
Talk show host Oprah Winfrey, who has taken over the project, wanted Keys in the lead role, reports. She said: ‘We are going to start filming next year. And we have got Alicia.’
The casting seems to be making sense since Keys and Horne share a lot in common. Both were from New York and became famous quickly. Keys is a spokesperson for several AIDS organizations and Horne was heavily involved in the civil rights movement.

Horne, 90, has been deeply involved in the casting process and had asked Jackson to remove herself from the project after the Super Bowl controversy where the pop star exposed her breast during a performance and claimed it was wardrobe malfunction.
Source: EarthTimes.Org

Anyway…Back to the topic at hand, Janet. I love her latest video:  <—-"Make Me" ….SO HOT!


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