A New Chapter, a New Home!

So yeah, I’m home again. My new space is awesome! I can’t wait until everything is in its place and it’s decorated. I feel grateful to be here and I have been thanking HIM exponentially. It’s an 845 square ft. townhome, that has one bedroom, and 1 and 1/2 bath. It’s cool and cute…lots of windows, wood blinds, (faux) wood floors in the entry, kitchen and bathrooms. Bedroom upstairs, large walk-in closet, spacious master bathroom.

Today’s agenda: More unpacking and putting stuff away. Lining shelves, throwing away boxes, and cleaning as I go. I’m trying not to feel overwhelmed, so far so good. I don’t know what’s worse, packing or unpacking? However, it feels good to empty a box 🙂 I feel one step closer to being completely DONE! The kitchen is probably the one room I’m dreading to get into, but I have to.

Last night was my first night in my new space. It felt a little weird going to bed…kinda like I was sleeping in a hotel. The environment is still foreign to me. Also, not having some else in the house is an adjustment. There is a certain level of comfort in knowing that your mom is in the house too. Now I have to get used to being in the house alone AGAIN. Don’t get it twisted, I love it and this is what I wanted (my own place), but I still have to adjust, I don’t think it will take long LOL, I am enjoying this moment. It’s all MINE! I can do whatever, whenever and it’s been awhile since I had that freedom. I moved out of my last apartment in December of 2008….so yeah, it’s been a minute that I’ve had complete solitude and total peace. I’m very happy now.

I pray that God will keep me here. I pray that God will bless me to not struggle from check to check to maintain my new standard of living. Things will definitely be different financially, (like no more shopping sprees…damn) but I have faith that I will be OK. I have stepped out on faith this far and that is all I have to walk by, not by sight. I will continue to walk and at the same time, make things happen on my end. I trust that HE will provide for me and work on my behalf behind the scenes. I will NOT give up this time…I am destined and determined to make this work by any means necessary.

*Pics of the new crib coming soon!*

Peace & Blessings,
Shan TheNaturalistaGlam

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