The Present and FUTURE of ME!

It’s growing out nicely I must say 🙂 Lots of compliments still coming my way. This was taken two weeks ago? Or something like that LOL! The more it grows, the more I’m lovin’ it!

The birth is the gift and the gift is the birth. But before the birth, there is pain, worry, frustrations and anger. I’m in labor right now, pushing and trying to birth this dream. This labor I say is going to take awhile and that’s okay because it’s going to be sooooo well worth it. I’m going in hard to have what I was destined to have. My dream is going to come to fruition. What is my dream? Let me fill you in:

MY DREAM IS TO BECOME A MILLIONARE by owning my own business, working for NOBODY and having time FREEDOM!!

My dream is to pay off ALL DEBT and become financially FREE.
Have a prosperous retirement
Have multiple investments of various kinds. I want my money to work for ME.
OWN a beautiful 4 bedroom, 5000 square foot home
Own a Range Rover and a BMW 745
Travel, travel and travel MORE!
Own a very beautiful, luxurious condo in Manhattan, NY
Give to multiple charities and community organizations

Yes…..I can and WILL do it! I believe it in my heart of hearts that I was meant for soooo much more than this life. I honestly feel like I should be living better in all areas of my life. I’m not saying all of my problems would be over, but I want the absolute MOST out of life and want to have everything that is meant for me in this world. In other words, I WANT IT ALL!
2011 Range/Land Rover

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