Birthday Gurl!!

Another birthday come and gone. I’m 37 Bitchezzzz!!! Wow…So my mom and brother so kindly reminded me that I’ll be 40 in three years *crickets*………Gotta love ’em! Thanks! As if I didn’t know?? Whatever. It’s truly a blessing to see another year. I’m thankful that God has brought me out of so many situations. I can’t even count all of my blessings….way too many. I got a little emotional yesterday morning. It hit me how good He has been and how much He loves me no matter what. I became overwhelmed with joy just thinking about all God has seen me through.

I had a good time last Saturday celebrating my birthday. Dinner at Cafe Adobe then, partying at INV Lounge. I must say that I was disappointed at the dinner. Most of the people I expected to show didn’t come. I managed to not let it get me down, but afterwards the disappointment lingered. My colleagues in my department didn’t come, didn’t call. They had excuses but my thing is, call/text to inform me that you won’t be able to make it…that’s all I’m sayin’! Same thing with my brother ugh….pissed me off too. Common sense and common courtesy…the two things that are lacking today I see….It was definitely a learning experience. So at the dinner was my BFF Siam, my God-Son Brandon, Chris Pryor and his wife. So four out of 12 people showed…. :/ However, I enjoyed the conversation and the food and made the best of it. Last weekend was  a learning experience for sure. Maybe I took it too personal. I guess when I invite people to something, and they say they will be there, I expect them to SHOW THE FUCK UP! People are so flaky. I know next time who NOT to invite to a party. I’ve weeded out the fakers and phonies. Thanks a lot “friends.”

I got with a new internet provider, Clear. Not bad…It’s cheaper and faster than TMoible, which sucked balls! So I’m happy 🙂

Still on the job hunt. Everest is eating me up inside I feel my spirit deteriorating. I can’t do it anymore…It’s taking away from me and that’s not good. It’s time to move on for real for real.

The Man-cation is still in full effect #thatisall.

Haven’t been feeling well lately *sigh*…..Not sure what’s going on, I just know that I’ve been in some major pain! I go get an ultrasound done today to see if there was some improvement on my uterine fibroid. For some reason, I think not. My body is all out of whack. I’m irregular, lack of appetite, cramping ugh! This has to stop!!!! I can’t take vicodin everyday, it’s not a good look.

Pray for ya girl…


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