Lisa Nichols Empowerment Speaker, Shares Words of Wisdom |

Lisa Nichols Empowerment Speaker, Shares Words of Wisdom |

Being raised in South Central, Los Angeles, qualifying for the free lunch program and being a C student seemed to lead up to the fact that my life would be riddled with limitations. Adding a F in English and a D in speech during my short college experience would seemingly confirm the confines within my own mediocre reality. But neither my heart nor my human spirit were available to the world’s opinion of me and the life that I should live.

In addition, both my heart and my human spirit were unshakable, unbreakable and unavailable to be restricted. I chose not to be limited by my geographical origin. I do not consider myself shortchanged because of my financial blueprint. I do not live in lack or scarcity because of my educational experience. And Lord knows I do not see myself as a victim because of the delicious mocha blend of my skin, the fullness of my lips, roundness of my hips, and the kinkiness of my hair.

Yes, I must play hard, work long and strategize like the best, but I refuse to place a limit on the breathtaking future that is mine to acquire. It is my birthright to live in bliss, my inheritance to live my dreams, and it is my choice to live without limits.

Understanding that my life without limits means God’s blessings for me are unlimited. Passionate, healthy love is vast for me. My financial freedom and generational wealth is infinite. My beauty is boundless. I can forgive without boundaries. I love without fear or keeping score. I can show up, show out and shine without shrinking myself so that my sister doesn’t feel uncomfortable in my presence. I liberate her by being an example of what limitless possibilities look like. I no longer have to ask the world for permission to live ginormous, I now give the world notice of my intentions and advise them to get ready for me!

Just a few of my personal affirmations that keep me living my life without limits:

I am the designer of my destiny, the author of my autobiography. I hold the pen in my hand.

I support my growth by choosing how I interpret my past and envision my future.

I renew my spirit by releasing guilt, fear and shame, acknowledging the truth and having accountability for my actions.

I have been chosen to do this work; I have been chosen to walk this path and to that assignment, I say yes, yes, and YES!

I no longer play “outside” of the box, I’ve decided to ditch the entire box and play in the universe of possibility. My great, great, great grandmother cleaned a floor, picked some cotton or washed someone else’s clothes so that I can have a life without limits, and I think that I’ve made her proud.

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