Bayou City…Space City…MY CITY!


Houston, Houston, Texas…the “LARGEST smallest” city in the nation. With over 4 million in population (and growing) and vast land space, I’m trying to appreciate the city for all of it’s cool things. No pun intended…Houston gets very HOT in the summer. (No bueno).

People from other cities who have migrated to the Bayou City, seem to like it for reasons…I’ve come to be bored with it. It’s not a bad place to live. However, I have been here for so long and the Houston lifestyle has gotten old (for me). This is why, like I stated earlier, am trying to rediscover what Houston has to offer. What I do love is the food here. We must be the restaurant capital of the world. There are good eateries everywhere, of all kinds of cuisines. Public transportation? Not so much. If you live inside the loop, it could work for you…If yo don’t mind taking 3 buses to get to your destination. The Metro Light Rail is very limited in where it goes: Downtown, Medical Center and Museum District. That’s it. Bottom line, Houston’s lack of mass transit negatively impacts the city’s possibilities of becoming a contender for major events like the Olympics. Also, if we had a mass transit system it would definitely reduce air pollutants from all of automobiles on the roadways. Because you must have a car in order to get around in Houston. The city is HUGE!
Anyway, my quest is a work in progress of course. But I’m always open to the possibilities of what lies over the city of Houston’s horizon! Until then…

Peace & Blessings,

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