Quick Shout Out: KARMASOUL INTERNATIONAL by karmasoul


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**Hello, my name is NaturalistaGlam and I’m an earring JUNKIE**

(Okay now that I’ve gotten that out of the way).

Are you stuck in a boring earring rut? Tired of wearing the same ‘ol hoops and want to add some jazz to your outfit? Do you want to rock some earrings you don’t see hanging on the lobes of every other chick?
Well I have your answer!
KARMASOUL has the dopest, original earrings. She is creates them by hand herself. They are made from 100% leather and are super soulful, afrocentric, and funky! I have the ankh earrings, in the second photo, except they are silver on the front side and black on back. I love them! Probably one of my favorite pair. They are light in weight and I like to rock them when I’m feeling kinda “bohemian chic” (use your imagination) lol.
These are just a few of KarmaSoul’s creations:
Radio RaheimasEternal FunkKaramel FrapSouls of BlacknessPlanet RockMic Check

Just to give you an idea how long they hang, here I am wearing the ankhs. I must get me another pair soon. I’m wearing these babies OUT!

Click on the ‘Karmasoul International’ link above to see the many variety of styles of earrings on her etsy site. If your style and taste is similar to mine, I’m sure you’ll find several pairs that match your personality and style!
Happy shopping!
Peace Love & Light,

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