New Head Wrap Style!

So out of sheer BOREDOM and after a couple glasses of wine…LOL, I’ve been playing around with this piece of fabric I’ve been having for ever. It’s actually one of my favorite pieces to use as a head wrap because of the print and size (which is not very long or wide but it works). From trial and error, I came up with this style that I think is cute. I can’t even tell you how I created it, because I can’t put it into words. It takes a video to demonstrate this and I’m not there yet lol. 
Here are some views…

REPPIN’ DEM COOGS! Damn the BCS…U of H is #1 in my heart! 🙂
Who knows what I’ll come up with next…You’ll just have to wait and see!
Peace & Love,

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3 thoughts on “New Head Wrap Style!

  1. *Holds up Cougar Paw and Shouts “Go Coogs!”*

    First I have to say that I love that lip color. What is it? Cool idea with using the fabric as a head wrap. Due to the neutral colors, it should be pretty versatile. 🙂


  2. HA! I'm excited, I have 2 comments in one post! LOL…The most ever! 🙂

    @ LeRenda Thanks! It is Russian Red by MAC. I love it too but I was thinking of getting Ruby Woo also because Russian Red tends to look kinda “orangy” on me lol….@GFS Thank you! I like wrapping my head especially in the winter months. It was cool meeting you too!


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