Giving You Lip

Hello beautiful people!

I am excited! Why you ask? I am excited over my new beauty purchases. I went to the MAC in the Macy’s at Deerbrook Mall, just going to replenish my Studio Fix Foundation, right? So when I get there, I kinda lose it…It being my mind lol. I almost felt guilty but I needed to update my lip look for the new year. With that said, I bought two lipsticks, a gloss and a pencil (not too bad huh?) Needless to say, I was a happy happy camper when pulled out of the mall parking lot! 😀
What I’ve always loved is a nude lip and a red lip. 
A nude lip is something you can wear everyday and with everything. It’s versatile and simple, chic and glam all in one. A red lip? Well it’s classic! It never goes out of style and it’s a shade for all seasons. I think you have to have a certain level of confidence to wear red lipstick. It is pretty and feminine…and it screams GLAM like a Las Vegas casino sign! Attention immediately goes to your mouth and it makes your teeth look whiter. I wouldn’t wear a red lip everyday, because I consider myself a chameleon when it comes to my style. I don’t like to be predictable with my look. I have to change it up because I get bored quickly! But a red lip can definitely be a classy lady’s signature look.
(From left to right: Ruby Woo, Cork Lip Pencil, Fresh Brew Lipstick and Boy Bait Cremesheen Glass)
 Fresh Brew is a popular nude shade at MAC because of its versatility. Fresh Brew can go from day to night easily…Add a shiny gloss for pop, after work.
Fresh Brew goes with wonderfully with colorful or smokey bold eye.

LOVE Ruby Woo! Classico! Add a moisturizer before application. Mattes can be drying to the lips.
I have Russian Red by MAC but I don’t care for it too much because it gives off an “orangy” look on me. (See the two previous post with the headwrap).
Cork against my skin. I love this pencil because it is not too dark. It’s subtle and nude.

Fresh Brew Lipstick. Very nude as you can see, it almost blends with my skin tone. You can barely see it.
Ruby Woo against my skin

Ruby Woo (w/o any lip pencil)

I applied Cork lip pencil, then the Fresh Brew and topped it off with the Boy Bait Cremesheen. Soooo pretty!

Peace & Blessings,

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3 thoughts on “Giving You Lip

  1. You'll never go wrong with Ruby Woo! It's a staple. Viva Glam 1 or Clinique Vintage Wine would be pretty on you as well. They're closer to “true reds” so no orange undertones. Both are matte, but not as dry as Ruby Woo (nothing is LOL! :-))

    Even though Fresh Brew is a popular color, it's not one of my favorites. It washes out most people and almost always requires another product to bring it out. I prefer Cherish, High Tea, or Viva Glam 2. These are pretty nude lipsticks that can be worn alone as well as paired with other products. 🙂


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