My New Baby!

A new blog has been birthed! It is called All About the Bag, A Manifestation of My Obsession.

That’s right, I now have a Tumblr that is all about handbags of all kinds. If you know anything about me…I LOVE BAGS. I walk into a shoe store and make a B-line to the bags! I don’t know how this “bag fetish” came about, but it’s just something I have an affinity for. I believe it is the one accessory that completes total look to any outfit. It’s the icing on the cake, if you will. Without the right bag, it totally ruins your head-to-toe look!

And here’s the thing ladies: It doesn’t have to be expensive! Remember, style is NOT a price tag. 🙂

All About the Bag is a collection of photos/images of handbags/purses of different styles, shapes, designs etc., that I find interesting, or just plain TO DIE FOR! You know, that “I gotta have” bag that we lust after. The one that gives you the “bagasm”, the one you are willing to give your first born for…umm hmmm, THAT ONE. That’s what this blog is all about. Nothing more, nothing less…Just BAGS.

Check me out!
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Peace & Blessings,

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