Your Beauty is NOT Your Body!

This is a guest blog post I wrote about two months ago for the blog, Women Are Game Changers.


Guest Post~ Your Beauty is NOT Your Body

How do you feel about your body? Honestly. Do you absolutely love it? Or are there some things you would change here and there? I ask this question because I think there are very, very few women out there who are 100% in love with every inch of her body, head to toe. The women who we think have the most perfect bodies are still unhappy about something they consider an imperfection. You hear it all the time when you’re sitting with your group of friends. ‘Oh my breasts are too small, I wish I had longer legs, my butt is too big’ and the list go on and on.
Negative body image among women is not an enigma. At some point during adolescence when puberty begins, we start comparing our bodies to our fellow peers, and the images that surround us daily in the media. I won’t sit here and fully blame the media for women’s negative body image, but it is major factor. The beauty industry alone constantly bombards us with messages that we need to have no wrinkles, straighter hair, perfect blemish free skin, whiter teeth, and flatter stomachs. What it all comes down to is, companies spend billions of dollars on advertising, subliminally telling us what’s wrong with us, and what their product can do to fix our “imperfections.”
It saddens and disgusts me, to hear stories of over-zealous pageant moms suggesting their young daughters need some form of cosmetic surgery just to win a “beauty” competition (that’s a totally different blog post). Our young girls are thinking that they have to look like the images they see on television and in magazines to be beautiful and they truly don’t. Some girls and most women tie their self-esteem to their physical appearance. There is no amount of MAC make-up, Botox, Brazilian hair weaves or butt injections in the world that will give you true beauty. It’s unfortunate that our culture places so much emphasis on what women can do to become “pretty.”
This “false sense of beauty” has to STOP. We must embrace our bodies, regardless of what it looks like and make-over our inner-self. I believe that once we begin to feel better about whom we are on the inside, then we start to accept our bodies as they are without feeling inadequate or imperfect. We are all perfect in God’s eyes and He made us in His image. If we find fault in what we look like on the outside, then you are telling the Creator that somehow, He made a mistake. If you want the ultimate make-over, self-love and a healthy self-esteem are the first steps. Once you begin to love yourself as you are, it will begin to reflect outwardly. There is no prescription for self-esteem and you can’t buy it over-the-counter. Positive self-esteem comes from knowing you are beautiful no matter what somebody tells you what you should look like. True beauty comes from who you are as a person, your attitude, and values all reflect your beauty. If you begin making over your inner-self by believing you are enough, your beauty will exude from the inside out. So after you apply your make-up and sew in your weave, your true inner beauty will match what is on the outside!
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7 thoughts on “Your Beauty is NOT Your Body!

  1. All kinds of truth here. In addition, inner beauty works its way to the outside through smiles and aura. Even if we as men are too silly to see inner beauty, we often catch it at that point.


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