I Have a Confession…

I have to be totally honest right now and keep it 100.

I have no desire (anymore) to blog about natural hair or anything beauty related (i.e product reviews, new lip colors etc.) For the last several months, I’ve become bored with it. **deep exhale**

But real quick…about my hair:

If you don’t follow me on Instagram @shan_nglam, I cut my hair into a tapered twa and I looooove it!

I ended the never ending debate about cutting my hair when I decided it was finally time for something different. I was bored as hell and needed the change for more reason than one. So there.

Now that that’s out of the way, don’t misunderstand me, I will still blog! But I feel that I have outgrown, if you will, the topics of hair and beauty. As we grow, our interests change, our priorities shift. Yes I still adore natural hair and still am a bit of a hair/beauty product junkie, I just don’t care to post about the products I’ve recently purchased or my latest protective styles…I’m overit.com and I hope my readers will understand.
>So what will I blog about? 
Whatever I feel like sharing at the moment. I could be style, music, hot topic or inspirational/motivational.
>Will I ever do a hair/beauty post?
Maybe, but it won’t be my main niche anymore.
>What is your main niche?
I started out as a “lifestyle blogger”, I will stick to that…so yeah.
Why the sudden change?
>See the first paragraph above. Plus there are so many other things I’d like to write about.
Thank you for all of your continued love and support along this blogger’s life journey.
Peace & Blessings,

Published by Love.Shan.Glam

Inspirer. Lover of beautiful people, places and things. Offering food for thought with a side of snark, and telling my truths.

5 thoughts on “I Have a Confession…

  1. I love your new hairstyle! I was wanting more from you, so I am glad you will be blogging about other things! I felt the same way about my own niche (plus size fashion) and now I post a lot of different things. Its been a while though-I just get so busy!


  2. That's awesome to know you wanted to read more Julia! I got stuck for a moment. I had to do some soul searching, and be honest with myself. Thank you for following! Glad to know I'm not alone in this. 🙂


  3. You have to do what you have to do to make you happy. I felt this way when I first started Blogging and I was blogging about Gossip. It was pointless for me and then i switched over to lifestyle.fashion.food.


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