Post Wedding Thoughts of a Single Girl

The wedding ceremony is over, and the reception begins. Last night, I was engulfed in a sea couples, some happily married or dating, some are pretending to be happily married or dating. Nevertheless they’re together, pretending or not.

Although this occasion is about celebrating the nuptials of a newly happy couple, I admit, my mind started to spiral out of control to the “when will it be my turn?” abyss, and is followed by a litany of other questions and thoughts, like:

Why Lord am I constantly going to weddings alone? 

Am I going to ever get married? 

When will Mr. Right come into my life?

Where in the hell is he? I’m almost 40 for God’s sake!

Can I be next Lord?

Where’s the bar???

I DESPISE the bouquet toss, but if I catch that damn bouquet, will I really be the next one to get married?

How many more married women will give me that, “you better not dance with my husband” side eye?

I’ll be damned if I cry when I get home tonight.

There are some fine ass men here…

Do I have too much enough clevage showing?

Should I touch up my lip stick after the reception dinner? Or say, “the hell with it.”…I’ll do it anyway.

This wedding cake tastes like shit. 

look way better than most of these wives and girlfriends in here.

Some lady’s husband is eye balling me every time she looks away. I’m okay with that. I pretend I don’t notice and strike a cute subtle pose.

 Thank God it’s an open bar…Damn I didn’t bring cash to tip the bartender. *shrugs and sips*

So, to all of my single ladies, what are some the thoughts that swirled around your head when you are at a wedding reception alone? Please share in the comment section!

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