Day 25: Thing to Do on Sunday :: 31 Stories + 31 Photos For a Beautiful Life

Take a Nap + Watch Football Games
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A good nap does me good. Call me an old lady if you want, but I love taking naps. On Sunday’s after the Sunday dinner “itis” set in, sleep is calling me (Ironically, it’s usually while I’m watching a football game). If I get a nap in at any time during the weekend, I win.

Everyone that knows me, knows that I’m football fan and know what I’m doing on Sunday during football season. Don’t call me…unless you’re talking about going somewhere to watch the game. I shuts (yes shuts) it down for football Sunday. Plus, I have to keep up with my fantasy football players and monitor their performance and that is SUPER important! On Sundays? You already know where you can find me…in front of somebody’s television!

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