First pic! Nose shining bright like a diamond lol.

A close up…and the scary eye ball! lol

(Frizzy hair don’t care!)
(Today at work)
It’s time to start living out loud. Most people would probably say, “what’s the big deal? It’s just a nose ring.” The BIG deal is that I’m stepping into a new me. A new era of living freely. This nose piercing is just an introduction to what is to come. It’s an example of how I want to live.
How it All Goes Down:

So while everyone else was gearing up to watch the Mayweather/Canelo fight Saturday night, my bff and I drove to a tattoo shop, called the Electric Chair. (Crazy right?) I did my research online to see what this place was about. They have a pretty good  reputation and had been nominated for ‘best tattoo shop’ awards in the past. Good enough for me, despite the scary ass name.
Anywho-A nice guy named Tim who did my piercing was cool, professional and most importantly clean looking, as was the shop itself. I was a tad nervous but surprisingly calm. He explained everything, sort of. I say sort of because he inserted the needle so quickly! He didn’t tell me when he was going to do it, I guess because that would have tensed me up…(which I think was a good move on his part). He inserted some sort of short metal tube in my nose, next thing I know…BLOOP! In goes the needle! I was amazed at how fast it happened.
What most people want to know is Did it hurt? Yes…a little bit. Nothing that made me scream out loud though…and I hate the pain of ANY NEEDLE! It was as if I was getting stuck by a syringe needle to draw blood. I closed my eyes during the process and thought happy thoughts while humming a tune to calm me down, and it worked lol. If I can do it, ANYONE CAN DO IT.
After it was over, Tim explained to me, how clean it and how often. A half of teaspoon of sea salt in 16 oz bottle of water, shake it up, poor in a shot glass, heat it up, use cotton swab to clean inside and outside of piercing three times a day. Simple enough. I walked out the door with NO pain, and minus $42.
But damn, he didn’t say for the first two days… it would be bleeding!! YIKES! I almost freaked out until I fully read the aftercare instructions on the paper he gave me and some Google research on what to expect after a nose piercing. (I Google just about everything I want to know) As it turns out, bleeding is totally normal for the first 2-3 days. Although it depends on the person. I was so excited about my piercing, I didn’t bother to read the after care instructions, because he already told me what to do lol. It clearly states that some bleeding the first few days, is normal. Whew!
So it has been 48 hours as of right now, and I can say that it is not bleeding anymore THANK GOD! I was starting to become concerned. Now it’s just a matter of keeping it clean, and being careful to not get any type of product, or cosmetics on the pierced area.
Overall, I am super happy about the way my first “body” piercing came out! 
Yay me! I’m proud of myself.
     Peace & Blessings,

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2 thoughts on “I DID IT!!!

  1. Check you out: stylin' and looking good. I'm glad that you took the step of doing something you wanted to do just because you wanted to do it. You get props for that.


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