Seven Boots David Blaine Should Make Appear In My Closet

So I was watching David Blaine’s show last night, “Real or Magic”…I am absolutely positive that, that kid is not from planet earth.

The tricks or stunts he pulled last night had me going nuts. It was scary! I wanted to throw holy water at my television. The card in the orange trick at Harrison Ford’s house? Jesus take all the wheels! HOW in the entire world did he DO THAT?!!! Baffled was putting it mildly. Harrison Ford was so stuck, he told David Blaine to “get the f*ck outta my house.” I DIED laughing.

But this is the trick that had me. When he made a $1 bill turn into $100. I knew right there, I need David Blaine to work some stuff out in my life lol. Can you wave your hand over my bank account sir? I’m just saying. Why let all that wonderful magical talent go to waste? Help a sistah out. How about something simpler?

Ya’ll know I love boots right? Well, there are several boots I’d love to have this winter. If he could mysteriously put a card, I am thinking about, in my pocket, surely David could magically drop some dope ass boots in my closet (a size 9 to be exact). This should be a breeze for him.

I found seven fab boots from the Fall Boot Guide 2013 that I would love to rock this winter:

Saint Laurent Hunting Knee Boot,

Chinese Laundry Flash Boots,

Laurence Dacade Merli Triple-Buckle Studded Mid-Calf Boot,

Via Spiga Wright Boot,

10 Crosby Derek Lam Yola Boot,

Giuseppe Zanotti Blok Suede Combat Boots,

Sergio Rossi Suede Leather High Heel Boots,

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