Taking A Moment of Gratitude

I am grateful for a beautiful day today. The last several days have been wet, cold and ugly.
I am grateful for my hunni love J. Although we are so very different, we create a beautiful balance. It works for us.
I am grateful that I have been inspired to change the way we think about mental illness and suicide. This new “baby” is in the works of becoming something greater than myself. I cannot wait to share it with the world.
I am grateful for the possibilities of what’s to come.
I am grateful for family.
I am grateful for my health.
I am grateful for my new pair of Nikes that are supposed to motivate me to work out more. Time will tell lol.

Find something to be grateful for. You don’t have to look very far.

Love & Light

photo credit: kerririchardson.com

Published by Love.Shan.Glam

Inspirer. Lover of beautiful people, places and things. Offering food for thought with a side of snark, and telling my truths.

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