A Rebirth: New Look, New Name

Lovely Followers,In an attempt to start seriously branding my blog, my future business, and myself, I decided to change my blog name to Love.Shan.Glam (I’ll explain the name later). Recently, I changed my Tumblr to Love.Shan.Glam. and after giving it a lot of thought I decided to switch NaturalistaGlam to Love.Shan.Glam also. In order toContinue reading “A Rebirth: New Look, New Name”

Viola Davis Goes Natural Glam for ‘LA Times’

Fresh off of her SAG win, Viola Davis is feeling like a natural woman in the Hollywood spotlight. Everyone wants a piece of her after bringing home several awards and nominations for her role in “The Help,” and the sought-after actress decided to give us her natural self in a spread for the “LA Times.”Continue reading “Viola Davis Goes Natural Glam for ‘LA Times’”