Nzuri Natural Hair Health & Beauty Festival

The Nzuri Natural Hair and Health Expo is coming to Houston December 8th and 9th at the Reliant Center! and guess what else… I will be giving away tickets to the the Nzuri festival very soon! Please be on the lookout for the announcement! You don’t want to miss this exciting event! Full of workshops,Continue reading “Nzuri Natural Hair Health & Beauty Festival”

Bayou City…Space City…MY CITY!

  Houston, Houston, Texas…the “LARGEST smallest” city in the nation. With over 4 million in population (and growing) and vast land space, I’m trying to appreciate the city for all of it’s cool things. No pun intended…Houston gets very HOT in the summer. (No bueno). People from other cities who have migrated to the Bayou City,Continue reading “Bayou City…Space City…MY CITY!”