I Wander and I Wonder

It seems every time I get some down time, I began to reflect and go inward. It is December 25th. Christmas. I had an intention for this post, but as soon as my fingers touch the home row keys on the keyboard, that intention somehow disappeared from my brain. This post has nothing to doContinue reading “I Wander and I Wonder”

Just Thankful for the Glass

I have been having some some crazy, anxiety filled weeks lately. Unbeknownst  to me, I allowed doubt of my abilities and talents, and negative self-talk creep into my head. In an effort to remain collected and to calm the storm I feel inside, I had stop and make another gratitude list: I Am Thankful For:Continue reading “Just Thankful for the Glass”

Today I am Thankful for…

**************************************************************************** My home…it’s starting to look like a home and not a warehouse full of boxes. I’m slowly getting to place of normalcy. My friends…They are, driven, smart, and passionate women. I always enjoy myself in their company and loads of laughs are always on deck, with or without alcohol. :} My car…The Civic is doing it’sContinue reading “Today I am Thankful for…”