OLD MUSIC MONDAY (This one’s for all my 80’s babies)

I’m going waaay back today. This weeks’ OMM is a song that is one of my favorites….“Silly.” If you’re old enough to remember, Denise Williams killed those high notes! “Your just a lover out to score, when I know that I should be looking for more…..what could it be in you I see, what couldContinue reading “OLD MUSIC MONDAY (This one’s for all my 80’s babies)”

OLD MUSIC MONDAY!! (a day late)

Okay so I missed another Monday! Just like the name says, ‘the life and times of the Naturalistaglam’. Yesterday was so busy, I didn’t have time to much of nothing! Nevertheless, I’m here still to give you the Old Music Monday joint of the week!My first hip-hop OMM is a group that I love! TheirContinue reading “OLD MUSIC MONDAY!! (a day late)”