A Letter to Dad

Dear Dad, I miss you so much. I’m still sad that you left but it wasn’t up to me. I guess God had other plans for you. He knew you were tired of the pain and agony of being in the hospital. He knew you hated being poked and prodded, and the doctors constantly running tests on you. I felt your pain. You wanted to be at home, but God wanted you in His heavenly resting place, so you would have real eternal peace in His home.

I want to hear your voice and hear one of your crazy stories about the guys you worked with. You always knew how to make make me laugh. I miss your encouraging words when I was having a bad day or going through rough times.

This is the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced in my life. With God, I know I’m going to be okay.

You’re better now. Not a worry or care in His arms. That brings me some solace. The memories of you, and the good times we shared comforts me always.

My dad. My angel. I love you.


your “Baby Girl”

The Point of No Return

994650dd6e205c829d9ee2e55901b068cd8e9af98f95b8297f04c8d30f5087c7Photo credit: @spiritedpursuit

Pack a bag and go far far away. Never to return. Live in place of unfamiliar faces, smells and sounds. Free. Free. Far away and Free. I am free from the race that will never win. On some eat pray love, nomadic type of shit.

Free from a world of demands and noise. Free from unrealistic expectations. Letting go, flying away. Free to be whatever I want, wherever I choose. Never to return. Reclaiming my peace, my space, my way, wandering to never wonder again.