OLD MUSIC MONDAY (This one’s for all my 80’s babies)

I’m going waaay back today. This weeks’ OMM is a song that is one of my favorites….“Silly.” If you’re old enough to remember, Denise Williams killed those high notes!

“Your just a lover out to score, when I know that I should be looking for more…..what could it be in you I see, what could it beeee!”

I love this song. I used to play it over and over at one point in my life when I was going through “something.” Yeah, this is most definitely a classic of mine that will always be the jam.

“Silly” was released in 1980, and I was 6 years old! (OMG)….Anyway, it was a smash hit. She later released, “It’s Gonna Take a Miracle,” which hit #1 on the R&B charts. Remember, “let’s hear for the boy!” The “Let’s Hear it for the Boy” album reached #1 also, on Billboards Hot 100 in 1984 and was on the “Footloose” soundtrack.
Denise Williams soon crossed over and began singing gospel music….(not mad at that) and released several gospel albums since the mid-eighties and on. However, Silly remains to be my all-time favorite Denise Williams song. Ladies, we’ve all been silly at least once in our lives, over some guy who we were way into, more than they were into us. It happens, and Denise just perfectly captures those feelings you get when you being “silly.” Let’s just hope that I won’t be silly ever again!

Reminisce on those memories for a second and listen. The link is below…(no video though).

Love and Peace,


OLD MUSIC MONDAY!! (a day late)

Okay so I missed another Monday! Just like the name says, ‘the life and times of the Naturalistaglam’. Yesterday was so busy, I didn’t have time to much of nothing! Nevertheless, I’m here still to give you the Old Music Monday joint of the week!
My first hip-hop OMM is a group that I love! Their style has set them apart from any other rap act in the industry. The verbage and lyrical word play has made hip-hop heads go cop their music every times they drop something new. Also they are one of the first southern to go mainstream, coming out of the durty durty south, is none other than the group OUTKAST!  The Old Music Monday (I know it’s Tuesday) song is “PLAYER’S BALL”

*All the playas came, from far and wide, wearing afros and shades, kicking them gangsta ride. Now I’m here tell ya, there’s a better day, when the playas ball is happenin’ all day every day.*

Ah yeah, those were the days….”Southernplaylisticadillacmuzik” dropped in 1994, I was in college 20 years old and I knew these boys from Atlanta were the shit. I like their vibe and flow. Outkast did their thing, Andre (now Andre 3000) and Big Boi has some serious skills. I love the way they have evolved and grown but still have maintain true to who they are as artists. ‘Dre and Big Boi have their own personal style which compliments each other. ‘Dre is more free-spirited, eclectic and outside the box, whereas Big Boi gives you that down home southern cookin’.
Dre (Andre Benjamin) and Big Boi (aka Antwan Patton) met at Tri-Cities High School in Atlanta. Big Boi was from East Point and Dre came out of College Park. In the early 90’s they teamed up to make music but didn’t really have much money for studio time. In 1993 they signed with LaFace Records and their music was produced by Organized Noise Production. The debut album “Southernplayerlisticadillacmuzik” birth the hits, “Get Up, Get Out” and the title track along with “Player’s Ball.” Remember the video? I do! It reminds me of the days when I lived in Atlanta from ’87-’92, especially the scenes where Dre is rapping in the woods surrounded by the Georgia pine trees…love it! When Outkast came on the scene I was so happy that Atlanta was being represented properly in hip-hop. OUTkast put the south on the map for real! 
Peace and Love,


YES….I’m back and I’m going to get right into it. Today is OMM and I’m excited to say that she is my all time favorite artist. The ICON. The best entertainer. The lovely and ever so talented JANET JACKSON! The old school song I chose is “Pleasure Principle.” Why? Because of the video. The video is so kick ass because she is the only one in it and she’s dancing the whole time. It’s pure, it’s raw, it’s simple….it’s JANET. Jeans, a T, some knee pads and a chair…what more do you need???? I love it.

Ms. Jackson has inspired me in many ways. Janet is cool, laid back, and honest. Not to mention, she has been (and still is IMO) a trend-setter. “Pleasure Principle” is one of those songs where you just let the rhythm hit you and feel it. It’s one of those tracks you play over and over until you pass out from dancing so hard lol. When you’re dancing to this song, you don’t care how you look or if you fall on your ass trying the chair trick, like I’ve done before. But there was no way in hell I was going to do a back flip off of my bed! (of course I know now that was a stunt double). I love first verse of the song where she says, “you might think I’m crazy but I’m serious, it’s better you know now. What I thought was happiness was only part time bliss, you can take a bow…”

The Pleasure Principle was released in 1987 on her Control album. In 1988, it won Best Choreography at the MTV Music Awards.

Thank you Ms. Jackson for giving me the Principle of Pleasure!

Does anybody know where I can get this t-shirt??? Just sayin’…

Now go ahead, and get your pleasure principle on, check out the video below!


Peace and Love,

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