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I had to take a week off. Last week was a beast! I was so tired. I felt like I was trying to play catch up. So yeah, last Monday was not a day to blog. But nevertheless, I’m back on the scene, crispy and clean. Anyhoo, I’m excited that Sade’s cd will be released tomorrow YAY! Of course I will cop it….However, I have to do the “Old Music Monday.” The  OMM Spotlight goes to (drum roll)………….702! Remember them? Since I did 112 the last time, I figured I’d continue with the “numbered group” theme LOL.Yeah, I like that girl group but like many, they faded to black. The name came from their hometown’s zip code of Las Vegas. They came out in 1996 when a lot of groups were hot, but unfortunately, they had no staying power. The lead singer Kameela Williams left the group to go solo and they never really came back. They used to get down for real! “Steelo”, “Where My Girls At” and “Get it Together” were their hits. One of my fav songs was “Star” ft. The Clipse. The video was hot too. I love the whole roller skate/disco style of the video. Check it out…


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Getting a Grip: How I Manage Me

Sometimes I find myself feeling a bit…..run down, and overwhelmed. I get stressed out by the things that are on my plate and my “to do” list that I haven’t started ‘doing’ yet. Then these feelings lead me to feel moody, distant and emotional. I don’t like feeling like this needless to say. When I find myself drenched with these emotions, I have to stop and put everything in perspective and pray. I have to rearrange my thinking and look at what I need to differently. I have to go back to what I know what works.

I have a planner that I don’t use to its fullest potential. It’s very cute and very organized. However, I stashed it away in my book/laptop bag and forgot it existed. This morning I pulled it out and put it in my purse so that when I begin to feel “crazy,” I can jot down my feelings to sort out the chaos in my brain. Also, I need to utilize it to write down all the things that I need to complete for the week. This task list will allow me to feel a sense of accomplishment as I cross of those tasks that I’ve completed.
Prayer is key for me. It keeps me balanced and in control. When I ask God for his wisdom and guidance, I know it is given to me. When I tell Him that I need Him to order my steps and that I cannot do this alone, I am assured my request is fulfilled. When I pray for peace, patience and understanding, it’s automatically done.
I have those days when I just want to cry, run away or just disappear. One of those days was yesterday as a matter of fact. Today, I’m better. I know now that my life is do-able, with the stresses of daily life included. With God by my side, I have it all under control!
Peace and Love,


So you have new music Tuesday right? This is when all new releases are done on Tuesdays. Here on MY blog thenaturalistaglam, is OLD MUSIC MONDAY! On Monday’s I will highlight an artist and one of their songs that is considered to be “old school” music. A song that was the jam back in the day and you don’t hear anymore.

Okay, OLD MUSIC Monday is almost over…(it’s 11:05 pm) but it’s not too late to get it in. Todays OLD MUSIC Monday feature is the group 112. Of course I have to start off with the fellas first! Why? Because They are talented and sexy as hell. Not to mention one of my favorite male groups of all time. 112 have been off the scene for awhile but it doesn’t matter. Their songs will always be in my playlist regardless. I heard that the group is supposed to release an album this year, so we will see!
Slim, Mike, Daron and Q are from Atlanta, GA. They started off with Sean “Diddy” Combs’s Bad Boy Records, then later left to go to Def Soul in 2002. Their self-released hit, 112 went double platinum with the songs “Only You” and “Cupid” in 1996.

And who can’t forget the song “Peaches and Cream?” I admit, for a minute, I didn’t know what they were talking about in that song lol…but I soon caught on! Anywho, I love the beat of that song….the video is of course ummm…..on some other sh*t. Too many chicks not enough d*cks…Oh damn did I say that? YUP! I did….It’s not exactly rated PG13 to say the least. The song is NOT about dessert oKAY!
The lyrics in the first two verses are:
So hot, hot 
It’s the S the L the I the M
Let me tell you what I wanna do
Let me show you that I’m feelin’ you
Wanna sex, wanna ride with you
Wanna taste, wanna put my lips all over you
Can’t get enough of you
Always taken of you
So sweet, so very wet
So good, girl you make me sweat
Girl I’m talkin’ ’bout

Peaches and cream
I need it cause you know that I’m a fiend
Gettin’ freaky in my Bentley limousine
It’s even better when it’s with ice cream
Know what I mean peaches and cream

Mike left the group at one point because he felt that he wasn’t receiving all of his royalties and did not want to be in the group anymore. Slim went on to do his solo project also in 2008 and had the single, “So Fly.”

**Side Note** I actually saw Daron in a club several years ago and I almost died! He is SUPER UBER fine!

My song “Cupid” is the Old Music Monday Song of the Week. Enjoy!!!!

Peace and Love,
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