and the beat goes on. i hear the sound of the storm in my heart, as it rains all day.
every thought of you represents a tear.
a down pour hard as a monsoon. my room fills with darkness and there’s no light in sight.
i am wondering if you can see it. do you know it’s there, or do you even care.
i want to tell how you make me feel but there is no rhyme or reason. is my love an act of treason?
is there a justifiable meaning? does the scriptures say i’m going to hell for this betrayal?
i’m torn and ripped to shreads and the tears are not slowing down in my head.
dejected from your insensitivity to what is reality.

reality is that night falls and so have i.
the reality is that sun shines and flowers die, so will i.
reality is that the rain stops and the tears will dry.
i get up and take me somewhere else where my presence means the world to them.
i am more than a touch, a feel, a thought, a dream or gaze.
i am the gift that keeps on giving, are you grateful for it?
well show some reciprocity. this is not a game we play, no give and take, no winners or losers, no rules, no limits, just choices we make to disobey.
i am the beat that never stops.
you don’t have worry about this, i got it, you showed me, so now i know.
no more expecting or waiting, the beat goes on. in a cold and empty room the beat goes on.

i live without you and you just live, waiting and expecting me to show you. the beat is gone.
what’s the name of that song? you were singing it all day long.
i’ll play it for you but why should i do that. it doesn’t matter, this is the fact.
i’m spent, i’m exhausted from dancing, performing for an applause.
the show is over, the curtain closes, the music stops, and i pick up 18 of my red long stem roses.
no final encore, now i say good bye to the end of what never was, but always wanted to be.
the lights are off and the beat goes on, but my love i left on stage only for you to see.


Hello my faithful followers!

Today has been a long day…I’m tired. I wanted to say something profound, and thought provoking….however, I don’t have the mental energy to do so lol. Maybe another day, but definitely not tonight!

I will say this……..I’m happy and I’m hopeful.

Peace and Love,

So Blessed! and Dr. King’s Dream Should be Our Reality and Other Randomness…

Teddy Pendergrass is gone at the age of 59. Wednesday January 20, 2010 another musical legend has left us. I’m still not over Michael Jackson’s death! “But I think I better let it go…” 🙂 I love the songs “Love TKO” “Bad Luck” and “Wake Up.”  Attention younger generation: Take note of what a real singer is. Teddy P. was the shit! These other so called R&B singers have NOTHING compared to the soul of Teddy Pendergrass.
You will not be forgotten Teddy P. Your music lives on FOREVER AND EVER!

Yes, I am so blessed for many reasons, too many to name. The earthquake in Haiti is a lesson learned. Stop complaining and be thankful for what you have. It’s sooooo sad to watch the news footage on the Haiti earthquake. It breaks my heart see so many people suffering and not getting the help they need.
It’s such a tragedy. My prayers go out to all of the Haitian people and their families who have been affected by this devastating disaster.
Haiti earthquake devastation

Last week was a very busy one! Which is why I did get a chance to post. So many things to do, but so little time. Between my full full time job, school, and T.A.O.S.A. (more details on TAOSA later this week) life for me is hectic these days, but I’m grateful to be alive and healthy. I’m grateful to be able to do what I do.
I would like to have a male companion. A guy who I have a lot of fun with, and that is smart and attractive. Is that too much to ask???? That’s what I want for my birthday. That’s what I want my gift to be next month. A male companion that has similar interests, and likes being with me. I don’t know if I’ll get my birthday gift or not. Only time will tell….

Tomorrow is birth of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. also known as MLK day. I’m taking tomorrow off from work! Even though I could have worked, I chose not to. Because it’s a National Holiday, I want to acknowledge and recognize that his dream made it possible for me to be off from work!
Anyway, Dr. King’s sacrifices and hard work in the Civil Rights Movement was not in vain. I see the cup as half full and half empty. We as a country have come a long way in terms of civil/equal rights but there is still a lot of work to be done. Racism will always exist, so I’m not talking so much about eradicating racism. The major thing that has changed is that there are no more Jim Crow laws. We can eat at the lunch counters and use any restrooms now. However, the black community need to do better. We have to learn how to treat each other with respect and have more respect for ourselves in general. Pick up a book and read instead of picking up a gun and shooting it. How about going to the Black Holocaust Museum instead of watching some bafoonery tv show. Don’t let your kids do whatever they want by trying to be their “friend”. Patronize black-owned business. Stop going to the store with house shoes on and rollers in your hair. We always want to blame others (races and people) for our misfortunes. Hell, try taking some responsibility! Do something constructive for yourself and uplifting for the community. Black people, we are our own worst enemy, not whites or Hispanics. It’s time to end the blame game. Dr. King’s dream included black folks working WITH black folks not against each other. That’s why we cannot get anywhere as a people! Where is the love? No the question here is, where is the UNITY? President Obama can’t do everything for us. So stop looking for him to be the Black Jesus. It begins at home first. What can you do to make a positive change in the black community?

Until next time…
Peace and Love,

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