Intro to the Naturalistaglam

So yeah….hello to all my future subscribers! First of all I want to say HAPPY NEW YEAR to the universe. I’m sending out positive energy and love to all. This is my first blog on blogspot but I’m not new to the blogging thing. I was on Xanga but it was time to move on and up to new, bigger and better!

What is a Naturalista? Well it is me. I rock a natural hair style and I love it and I’ve embraced my knotty, kurly, kinky hair for what it is and it’s a beautiful thing. I also love glamming it up, meaning doing full face make up to accessorize my style. I have so many styles, it’s hard to put me in a box or define it.
What do I do? I’m a journalist just starting out in the industry. Still seeking new opportunities to get my feet wet in the biz. However to pay the bills, I work in proprietary education as a Student Services Coordinator….I so hate my job…but like I say, it pays the car note and cell phone bill for right now. My goal is to freelance write and be my own boss to where I can sustain a comfortable means of living. My niche is topics on relationships and love. I give great relationship advice. How do I know? Because a lot of people have told me so! LOL…Anyway so yeah, this is what I do. My B.S. degree is in Psychology so it fits, and I love to give advice and I love to help others find happiness and joy in their relationship. I also go to school part time, working on my Masters in Business Administration.
I live in Houston, TX aka the Lone Star State. It’s where I call home, most of my family is here and it’s an alright town. I say “alright” because Houston has a lot of room for improvement in some areas, but that’s another blog for another day. So in between work and school I hand out with friends at bars, happy hours, and lounges eating, drinking and having fun! After all, this life is a journey and I plan to enjoy the ride. This is me in a nut shell. I will say whatever the hell I want in this blog because it’s my blog. Uncensored ME. There is no telling what you’ll get on any given day. So sit back relax and enjoy! Oh yeah, feel free to post comments and feedback.
So until next time…Peace and Love
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